Online Exam

Instructions for Students to take Online Exams

1. Log in to your account by going to the REGISTRATION tab
2. Once you access your account, you will get details of past payment/ payment due/previous examination results/ schedule for the next exams.
3. Go now to the EXAM tab and highlight SAMPLE EXAM.
4. The date of the examination will be notified by APAA to the students.
5. The student must appear for the examination during the prescribed date and time.( please note this is a timed examination).
6. On completion of the exams, results will be notified and communicated separately by APAA
7. Practical examination DVD’s should be completed and sent to APAA for evaluation
8. Assigned written project should be submitted along with the practical DVD submission.

Technical Instruction

Browser compatibility:
The online exam application is compatible with the following browsers,
Internet Explorer(IE) – Version 7 and higher
Mozilla Firefox – version 2.0 and higher
Apple Safari

JavaScript Enabled
The browser should be JavaScript enabled. You can check whether the JavaScript in web pages is permitted to execute or not.You can enable JavaScript by following the instructions from the mentioned links,

1. Mozilla Firefox
2. Internet Explorer
3. Chrome
4. Apple Safari
5. Opera