Advisory Board

DR.BRB.OLIMUTHU Bsc. D.Acu. D.Mag. M.A., Ph.D.

Dr BRB Olimuthu, an experienced exponent of Vaasthu Sashtra, has carved a niche for himself through his unique approach to rectifying the defects of Vaasthu that sans demolition of any sort. Without the slightest damage even to the floor of the building, he neutralises the flow of energies to bring in peace and harmony that paves the way for a healthy living both physically and financially. His solutions are based on the underlying principle of balancing the natural energies in synergy with the forces of nature to ensure maximum benefit to the people to live and work happily in harmony.

Unlike many traditional Vaasthu practioners, Dr.Olimuthu uses well researched scientific techniques using advanced instruments and tools such as Electro Magnetic Tester, Energy Scanner and Negativity Detector etc. to identify the exact nature of defects and accordingly suggests the remedial measures through his vast experience and knowledge.

More than 15 years, Dr. Olimuthu has been helping people across a wide section to live their life happily and positively without any negative impact. Dr. Olimuthu has devised unique solutions for various “Vaasthu Doshas”, the negative impacts that arise due to the defective usage of Vaasthu sastras. His rectifying solutions are based on his extensive research in the field of Vaasthu science. He has altogether given a new dimension to the science of Vaasthu and introduced for the first time in the world two new concepts of Vaasthu: Medical Vaasthu Science and Medical Vaasthu Therapy. Through his research he has found out that flow of negative energy in a particular direction will cause a particular health problem for the inmates. While Medical Vaasthu Science deals primarily with the flow of energy and subsquent health discomforts, Medical Vaasthu Therapy deals with ways of balancing the energies by creating avenues for the flow of more positive energies.