APAA has developed and designed a state-of-the-art course ware in Indian Music along with Sangeetha Swara Laya an Indian Music Academy based in Malaysia. The undergraduate programs offered as follows:

  • Certificate in Performing Arts (Vocal Music, Mirdhangam, Tabla and Veena)
  • Diploma in Performing Arts
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts

The primary objective of APAA is to offer structured learning programs in Vocal and Instrumental music. This program offers:

  • Certificate in Vocal and Instrumental Music (1-2 year study)
  • Diploma in Vocal and Instrumental Music (1-2 year after Certificate)
  • Bachelor’s Degree Vocal and Instrumental Music (1-2 year after Diploma)

SANGEETHA SWARA LAYA based in Malaysia, is an Indian Music Academy that has developed and designed state-of-the-art course ware in Indian Music by making use of the latest technology based teaching methods. Sangeetha Swara Laya is governed by highly dedicated and qualified academicians in music and offers a portfolio of programs specialized in Sangeetham (Vocal Music), Mirdhangam, Tabla and Veena. By affiliating with APAA and Alagappa University it has developed a syllabus for Indian music in Tabla, Mirdhangam and Veena for wherein a student can obtain a Certificate, Diploma and Degree.

The program has been designed with specific coursework and practical that a student has to successfully complete to get the respective certification. The student is guided through the various phases of this intricate art with textbooks that concisely explain its relevance. Interactive DVDs vividly describe the precise execution of these arts. These valuable learning aids enhance the comprehension and make this a constructive exercise.

This is a pioneering effort that will be of great value to students. Efforts are underway to obtain accreditation of APAA’s program from renowned universities in the world to further enhance the value of the program for students and teachers alike.

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