Apurva Ramanujam - Disciple of Smt. Thejaswini Raj - Shiva Jyoti Dance Academy, has completed her Arangetram successfully.


Certificate in Performing Arts

A student must be 10 years of age to enroll in the program. Students should be able to read and comprehend the prescribed textbooks and write their exams independently. In special cases on recommendation of APAC where a student is less than 10 years of age and has demonstrated the ability to comprehend the prescribed textbook a student may be admitted to the program. APAA will review and reserve the right to admit any student.

Associate Degree in Performing Arts

Completion of Certificate Course from APAA.

Diploma in Performing Arts

Completion of Associate Degree from APAA and knowledge of Alarippu, Jathiswaram and Padam in addition to the various Bedhas in Bharathanatyam.

Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts

Completion of Diploma Program from APAA. Minimum age of 16 years is must.