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Apaa Programs

Course Code Course Name Content
CEB 01 Introduction to Bharathanatyam History and treatises of Bharathanatyam
CEB 02 Fundamentals of Bharathanatyam Technical Concepts of Bharathanatyam, Scope & Relevance of Bharathanatyam in present context
CEB P2 Fundamentals of Gestures Alarippu & Shabdam
CEB P1 Introduction to Basic Footsteps Basic exercises for flexibility and adavus
CEB P3 Introductory Course in Performance Assigned Project
CEB LSV Lecture videos Lecture videos
Course Code Course Name Content
ADB 01 Basic Expressions to Bharathanatyam Sthanas, Angas, Padha bedhams
ADB P1 Divine Expressions of Dance Forms Kavuthuvam and Jathiswaram
ADB 02 Essential Expressions in Bharathanatyam Elements of Abhinaya, Study of Indian Temples
ADB P2 Versatile Usage of Body Etiquette Keerthanai and Kavadi Chindu
ADB P3 Foundatiion Course in Dance Compositions Assigned Project
ADB LSV Lecture Videos Lecture Videos
Course Code Course Name Content
DIB 01 Techniques in Bharathanatyam Detailed study of Satvika Abhinaya
DIB P1 Advanced techniques in actions and reactions Padam & Varnam
DIB 02 Advanced Techniques in Bharathanatyam Navarasas, Music and its components in dance
DIB P2 Intensive & Expressional Dance Score Thodayamangalam / pushpanjali & Thillana
DIB P3 Essentials of Bharathanatyam Assigned Project
DIB P4 Principles of Dance Forms Assigned Project
Course Code Course Name Content
BSB 01 History of Bharathanatyam History of dance & Devadasis tradition
BSB P1 Bharathanatyam Repertoire Pushpanjali, Varnam, Thillana, Jawali and its nattuvangam
BSB A1 Certificate Course in Music APAA Music Text
BSB 02 Aspects of Bharathanatyam Text related to Rasa in Tamil and Sanskrit Tradition, Notations for Talam & Gestures
BSB P2 Analysis of Dance Scores Malllari, Jalthiswaram, Ashtapathi, Thevaram, Tirupughazh, Thallattu and its nattuvangam
BSB A2 Yogasanas for Dancers Suryanamaskaram, 10 asanas, Pranayama, Kriya Yoga
BSB P3 Any one folk lore Assigned Project
BSB P4 Any one Classical Form Assigned Project
BSB 01 Degree Course Exam Degree Course Exam